Krystal Clavier-Choo

Krystal’s Areas of Expertise:

Phenomenology, Psychology, neuroscience, transformational coaching, executive coaching, organisational behaviour programme creation, leadership coaching, speaking, technology entrepreneurship

Executive Director
Applied Psychologist & Neuroscientist

Krystal works to correct imbalances in an age of disruption. After a decade of technology entrepreneurship and thought leadership, and a background in psychological neuroscience, international business strategy, and communications, organisations count on her as a trusted expert on humanistic innovation and transformation.

A featured international speaker, breaking glass ceilings in an industry where only 2.6% of venture-funded businesses are female-founded and led, she is the steady voice for disruption and impact. She consults for the leaders of global companies in the matters of purpose, human cognition and behaviour, and deep personal development.. Her impact is most felt helping leaders and teams to thrive in the moments that matter, by applying techniques derived from psychology and neuroscience.

Recognised as an influential thought leader, Krystal has been described as one of Singapore’s “Most Awe-Inspiring Women” (Cosmopolitan), “the Gritty Entrepreneur Singapore Needs” (E27), “A Triple Threat” (High Net Worth), awarded as one of Asia’s 50 Women Leaders, chosen as a global ambassador for SK-II’s “Change Destiny” campaign, and named LinkedIn Power Profile 2015-2018, CEO category. 

Languages Spoken: English, Chinese, French

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