Our core belief is in empowerment and collaboration. Our team of coaches, consultants, and partners all work in their own ways to bring us to the same goal of a more harmonious self, community, and society.

Krystal Clavier-Choo

Executive Director,
Applied Psychologist & Neuroscientist

Krystal Choo is the Executive Director of Thrive Hour, a transformational executive coach helping Group leadership and 9-figure founders, an award-winning entrepreneur, and a professional interventionist. 

Using techniques from psychology, neuroscience, and phenomenology, she designs novel programmes that dismantle toxic cultures, mindsets, and behaviours to produce purposeful leaders and powerfully cohesive teams. 

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Amanda Duarte

Executive and Wellbeing Coach

Being connected is what drives Amanda as a person. She brings her special interest in well-being through Ontological Coaching. Bringing forward what matters to you, what is in your core value, she opens space for questioning, reframing and shifting perspective, generating tangible plans that are relevant to you as a person, as part of an organisation, culture and community.

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Natasha Muniz

Executive Life Coach and Yoga Instructor

Natasha is an experienced coach who works with clients to achieve their goals in their most authentic way. She ensures they take time to pause, to drive self awareness and pave an exciting path forward. As a yoga teacher, she helps students personalise their practice to match their own individuality.

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Christine Schedel

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

As a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach Christine’s aim is to partner with clients seeking sustainable changes to their physical and/or mental well-being. She empowers them to discover their unique potential and helps them to achieve long-lasting changes to their lifestyle.

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Cathy Letard

Executive Lifestyle and Performance Consultant

As an expert in her field, Cathy will help you to solve all the problems linked to stress and anxiety that have repercussions on the body and mind, to find well-being and balance. Her approach is based on powerful, brief and effective techniques such as Hypnosis and EFT (emotional freedom techniques).

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Magda Rosa

Lifestyle Consultant

Magda is a teacher of Integral Yoga, Energy Therapist and Tarologist. Passionate about spirituality and energy, she helps people to access more awareness, self-knowledge and well-being through her work.

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Alizée L'Honneur

Graphic Facilitator

Alizée has been a graphic facilitator for 6 years. Her job consists in making sense and creating impact for one’s message. She can either co design a visual presentation with you, create a video with drawings, or graphically record and structure, in live, the key messages of one’s presentation or workshop.

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Anne-Marie Gorse

Research Consultant

Anne-Marie is a Market Research Consultant with 12 years’ experience in niche and specialist sectors such as Healthcare, HNW consumers, semiotic analysis. She specializes specifically in analyzing and translating data into intelligible, actionable reports for her clients.

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Valerie Fedacou Samyn

Paediatric Sleep Consultant

Valerie is a children sleep consultant and nanny with extensive expertise in Early Years.

She provides a tailored plan and guidance to help the family through the sleep challenges they are facing with their little ones. Her method is holistic and gentle prioritising parental attachment.

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