Our core belief is in empowerment and collaboration. Our team of coaches, consultants, and partners all work in their own ways to bring us to the same goal of a more harmonious self, community, and society.


Krystal Choo is the Executive Director of Thrive Hour, a transformational executive coach at Neo Sapio, an award-winning entrepreneur, and a professional interventionist. 

Using techniques from psychology, neuroscience, and phenomenology, she designs novel programmes that dismantle toxic cultures, mindsets, and behaviours to produce purposeful leaders and powerfully cohesive teams. 


Sheila transforms ambiguous concepts into manageable actions for sustainable change. She empowers others in the domains of language, emotion, and movement.

As a coach, her clients find power in changing their stories to create new actions and practices that achieve results. As a seasoned yoga and mindfulness teacher, students appreciate Sheila’s adaptive and open teaching style that provides support no matter what arises.


We are part of a community and being connected is what drives Amanda as a person. She brings her special interest in well-being through Ontological Coaching.

Bringing forward what matters to you, what is in your core value, she opens space for questioning, reframing and shifting perspective, generating tangible plans that are relevant to you as a person, as part of an organisation, culture and community.

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