New Coach Registration

If you’ve just joined us, register to submit your professional details, photo, short bio, long bio, site URL, and administrative needs.

Banking and Vendor Details

Use this information for corporate clients to create a vendor profile for you. IMPORTANT: Ensure your unique reference is included in every payment.

Fonts for Templates

Please download and install these fonts to ensure the templates display correctly.

Letterhead Template

Use this template if you need an official letterhead.

Receipt Template

Use this template if you need to issue a receipt.

Quotation Template

Use this template if your clients require a quotation.

Editable Template Document

Use with caution. Ensure that you are not sending official receipts or other materials unless you have already verified payment. Don’t use if in doubt.

Invoice Template

Use this template to invoice your client and submit the same invoice to us for payment tracking.

Submit New Invoice

Use this form to submit all new invoices so that we can track your payments.